• MSI Will Launch iPad Alternative

    itwbennett writes "Underwhelmed by the iPad? Dont give up on tablets just yet, says blogger Peter Smith. MSI has a tablet coming in the second half of 2010 that measures up on price and size and addresses a lot of the iPads most noted shortcomings. The iPad runs iPhone OS while the MSI runs Android, writes Smith. That means the MSI will multitask of course, and Flash support in Android should be a given by launch time (though that isnt certain). It has a camera. Its running on an Nvidia Tegra2 chip which Ars Technica suggests puts it on par with the iPads A4 as far as computing horsepower. And of course Android doesnt live in a walled garden." The post notes that the MSI device does not support multitouch in its built-in apps. Still, would an Android-powered iPad-alike tempt you? Update: 01/29 17:58 GMT by KD : Dave Altavilla suggests Hot Hardwares coverage of Asuss recently announced tablet, also based on the Tegra2 chip.Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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